Moving to Niendorf

Moin moin!

I’m sorry it’s been so long since we’ve provided an update in this blog. The reason, as you might suspect, is that we have achieved levels of busyness that can only compare to some of my college semesters where I was taking 4+ heavy philosophy courses.

I’ve put off taking time to write about everything simply because there are so many things to write about. So I have decided I will break everything important we’d like you to know about into small chunks, about which I will provide a short few sentences of an update.

1. God’s provision

We have been through some very financially demanding times over the past month, because of the nature of apartment switching and renting. Almost every euro of our last paycheck went to paying for the deposit ‘kaution’ for a new apartment, plus the first month of rent, as well as rent for our current apartment, which is well over €1000 euros a month (simply not sustainable for us). This left us with very little money to take care of other expenses, but we’ve still gotten by.

God has provided us the money we have needed in abundance, the connections we need to get things done, as well as ministry opportunities that fit exactly what we felt inspired and led to do in Europe.

2. Evan’s job

I (Evan) absolutely love my job. The people I work with are almost surprisingly pleasant and humorous, and I really enjoy being around them. The concept of coding as a career for me still blows me away. Every time I take a moment to pause and think about how great a job and career situation God has lead me to, I am motivated even further to be the best I can be and constantly ‘work hardily, as if for the Lord and not for men’. This is not something to take lightly. A Christian should not slack at work because the object of their work is not ministry. We should always strive for excellence in all we do. And then our entire lives become a ministry when people know who we are.

3. Ministry opportunities

The Lord has lead us into fellowship with the pastor of our church and his wife, who have been missionaries in Europe and South America their entire lives. They have a strong focus on evangelism and will soon be launching a full scale ‘cell group’ ministry, which focuses on evangelism and discipleship. We are some of the first members and with the Lord’s help we will be assisting to lead and expand the groups.

I (Evan) have also met with an American who is married to a German that is heavily interested in apologetics, specifically for Europe. We plan to begin an apologetics translation ministry. So many contemporary apologetics works go untranslated from English to German. We are going to work with some of our German friends in our churches to try to make that happen. More details about that later.

4. Jodi

Jodi has spent a large majority of the time doing background work while I work at Fitfox. Her efforts have been instrumental in us saving enough money to get us through these difficult financial times. She has made lunch for me every day (saving hundreds every few weeks, potentially. German restaurants are not cheap), dropped off papers, administrative work, picking up packages, cleaning our house for potential new renters, and also moving our things to the new apartment and cleaning. Jodi has also, as I’ll mention later, attended an intensive German course.

5. German learning

Jodi just finished a month-long German course at Deutsch Akademie in Hamburg. We can now have German conversations with each other at home. She will soon be starting another round of courses for further learning. I also am taking German lessons through work, but I find I am learning more simply through looking everything up I can think of and practicing vocabulary on my own.

6. Apartment situation

We have just moved into a new apartment. It is half the price of the previous apartment, a little further out from town and nestled into some beautiful forests and walking trails (great for taking friends we meet on walks to have long discussions), and is generally a more suitable place for us nature-lovers. God has provided over-abundantly

7. Church

Through some ministry connections of ours we have been introduced to a small, conservative. German house Kirche and have been warmly welcomed, even though our German is rather awkward at the moment. The church strongly reminds me of our home church in the US (University church). Nevertheless, we are benefitting greatly from their fellowship and are so thankful they were willing to take us in.

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