Quick Update

Hello everyone,

I wanted to let you know that since the last post we have continued to meet various requirements for living in Germany. Thanks be to the Lord for his help and sustenance.

Two weeks ago I received approval from the German Government to work there, which means I will receive an E.U. Blue card. Later we got our flights booked, we signed our apartment contract yesterday, and we will be leaving on Wednesday.

Needless to say we’ve been arduously packing our things and getting rid of whatever we can (since we only have four suitcases we can take).

A few prayer requests:

– Since it is comparatively cheap to take an animal to Germany we have decided there is no need to part with our best furry friend Augustine, so he will become a Germany kitty soon. Still, this has been one of the most challenging parts of setting up our plane tickets because there are so many different rules that are airline/country specific when it comes to transporting pets. Please pray that Augustine will have a safe trip and that he won’t be a bother to other people in the cabin (he is a very vocal cat and sometimes, we think, likes to meow just to hear his own voice).

– Please pray that we will have the energy to take care of all the administrative tasks we need to when we arrive. We will be arriving and moving into our apartment within several hours of arriving. I (Evan) can speak German almost conversationally, but I doubt I will be the most apt linguist with only a few hours of sleep.

– as usual, please pray that God would protect us and grant us a safe trip.

Thank you all and know we will miss all of you and intend to stay in touch!

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